The Avatar Project


A NETwork environmental and income-generation initiative in collaboration with Renew the Elsieskraal River. Sponsor an Avatar to do it on your behalf!

NETwork recruits local people needing to generate some income to come and clean the Elsies River canal and other local environs. The workers are called Avatars – in the modern tech meaning of the word – indicating that they are someone who represents you and stands for you. The Avatars collect rubbish on your behalf and are paid through your sponsorship to work for you and our environment. So if you care about stopping plastic pollution but can’t make it to a canal clean-up yourself or get down and dirty in your neighbourhood, you can sponsor an Avatar to do it on your behalf.

The rubbish collected from the river consists of PET bottles, sweetie and chip packets and papers, straws, ear buds, pads, nappies, condoms, endless polystyrene and other waste.  The PET bottles are squashed and go to a recycling project in Crossroads and CoCT Solid Waste collects the rest of the refuse after each clean-up.

NETwork is in comms with the local CoCT Waste team and organises for all waste collected by the Avatar to be removed after each clean-up. You can sponsor one or more Avatars for canal clean-ups that happen twice a month, or for regular clean-ups of a specific area of your choice. 

Organize your own clean up

Is there an area close to your heart that needs to be cleaned up? Start your own local Avatar Project with NETwork! Every sponsorship helps and is appreciated. Every Avatar is part of a local family or community and your support assists them to manage and survive in these trying times.

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