NETwork is about improving our environment for everyone. We operate in an area that is part of Cape Flats Sand Fynbos – a critically endangered vegetation type that only exists in Cape Town and of which less that 1% is preserved and only 5% remains in good condition.

Cape Flats sand fynbos is the richest and most diverse type of Sand Fynbos. It also has the highest number of threatened plant species. It is the wettest and coolest of all West Coast Sand Fynbos, growing primarily in deep, white, acidic sands. It is dominated by proteas and restios fynbos, but ericas also occur in wetter areas and Asteraceous fynbos in drier spots. In winter, seasonal wetlands appear in many areas, and mists often cover the landscape.

NETwork doubled the refuse collecting capacity of the Renew the Elsieskraal River volunteers since they started the Avatar Project collab in July 2020. From July 2020 to July 2021 NETwork ran and helped run 59 sponsored canal assistance and clean-up events, and created a total of 136 short-term Avatar jobs.

Avatars have also been involved in Renews community planting and Adopt-a-Tree events encouraging everyone to participate and make a difference.

So much more to come! If you have a brilliant green idea you would like to implement with us, Contact Us to get in touch.


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