NETwork aims to provide a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’. Our focus in this project is to source financial and in-kind sponsorship for individuals to increase their skills and qualifications to improve their income-earning potential. The aim is also on building community assets and working together to support community growth and economic potential.

Included activities: Support to access and complete schooling, increase tertiary qualifications, find and facilitate apprenticeships, vocational training, mentoring. We would also like to assist people with short courses such as language, sewing, computer courses, financial literacy and others.

Latest activity: NETwork is assisting a local family in supporting their child to complete his final 3 years of high school. The child missed Grade 10 due to his move from Zimbabwe to SA just before the pandemic hit and also because of the financial difficulties of his single parent. NETwork has assisted the family with finding a school and enrolling the child, and now with a scholarship.

NETwork also assisted a young woman to obtain a scholarship to attend a Teacher Facilitator course at Pinelands North Primary School.

There has been another request for someone with a basic electrical qualification to increase and improve his qualification locally. We are looking for sponsors for this support.

If you are interested or can assist please Contact Us.


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