About NETwork

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Our Vision:

Imagine if we worked together on building and improving ALL of our suburbs ..and we worked on ways to connect and support each other, and especially connect people who have been left out of the networks until now.

Imagine if we focused on bringing people together rather than on keeping people out.

Imagine cleaning spaces and planting trees together.. creating beautiful spaces everywhere so that no one has to leave their spaces and go looking for a better life elsewhere.


How NETwork Began:

NETwork came about during lockdown 2020 and the lucky meeting of three women: Alison Dixon, Faye Macheke and Kate Chisholm.

NETwork was born from online chat, real life pandemic community activism and happy meetings between women passionate about building something new and good. It started with the local Pinelands CAN (Community Action Network) when people needed help and some of us started doing some stuff.. and then we decided that we wanted to do more stuff! And so it started..

NETwork is now a registered non-profit organisation building community in Pinelands and the surrounds of Kensington, Facreton, Maitland, Maitland Garden Village and Langa. We work on a voluntary basis towards connecting and supporting people and nature across urban – and old – borders.


Our Focus Areas:

Environment – we work on improving all our environments through collaborative social and nature-focused activities.

Community Building – we assist people with building their networks, growing their careers and businesses and generating income. We find new ways to proactively assist local homeless community members by building relationships of trust with people who have been marginalised and linking them to supportive programs and new opportunities.

Rapid Response – we assist community members with emergency food and social support.




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